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WED 7/8/2020 18:28
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New stage, neon city!

Mar 5, 2016
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So the tilesheet for the neon city zone (working title) is pretty much finished. Here's a test scene that I threw together. I gotta say I'm pretty happy with it. I think I'll make the background lanterns flicker with some of the window lights turning off and on at intervals. Also note that the sign is blank because I'll programmatically add the text and lights to them. How's it looking? All suggestions welcome!


Mihail g over 4 years

That looks so awesome! The amount of soul put into this game is staggering! Good luck with the game!

Brian K over 4 years

Looking sharp ☆☆

Matthew W over 4 years

I like everything about this! ^_^
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Badger D over 4 years

Thank you :) Eager to make some levels for this but unfortunately need to work on refining the gameplay first.
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Petrifying G over 4 years

This looks amazing! I love the nighttime scene!
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Badger D over 4 years

Thanks Petrifying G :)
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Ben L about 3 years

It looks good,  im patiently waiting for this game! CANT WAIT.