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Final Review!

Jun 3, 2016
Its been almost two months since War Dragons launched! By now everybody should have enough dragon slug hybrids and other abomination that would make Dr. Frankenstein proud.

What is your final review of the game? Did these flying fiends earn a 5 star review, or will their wings be clipped? Use the comments below to give your final thoughts on the game!

Check out Prelauncher Solbash's playthrough below! (YT Channel: http://bit.ly/25Bd2s6 )

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dylan b about 4 years

Damn good game. 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Derp c about 4 years

Negative ten for compatibility 

Michael W about 4 years

Still incompatible with all of my devices.  I was really looking forward to playing this one too.

Crystal f about 4 years

Really awesome  love the dragons

Jym D about 4 years

It's not compatible with my device.

Bosley M about 4 years

You have never read Frankenstein. 

Alex F about 4 years

I like the game but it does have a problem. If u just build up ur base like i did, and u dont attack with ur dragons, then training them becomes extremely difficult
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Chris N about 4 years

Pretty fun, was thinking about donating more to the game, but the purchase amounts to cost is a little under done. Doesn't seem worth it, in game it costs 200 gems for a food pack of 550. 
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Chris N about 4 years

Getting the 30 day upgrade for the extra xp and mat's is worth it though.
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michael m about 4 years

It never worked on my Samsung S3...*shrug*