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Final Review

Jun 2, 2016
EvilBane has been available for 2 months now, and by now all of you should have slayed the evil and become a legend!

What is your final review of the game? 10/10? 5 stars? A+? 

Share your review in the comments below, please remember to be constructive.


Steven S about 4 years

Good game could be the best needs a live pvp que 1v1 2v2 3v3 

Jose A about 4 years

It's an awesome game.  A+++++
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Kent M about 4 years

AWESOME game need more to do though. B+ weapon and grinds good but need some added content 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

NeoMeir H about 4 years

Better then a lot of other stuff out there. I would say A
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Jonathan M about 4 years

Really enjoying it, my main game right now.  All I could say is keep up the good work and improve the A.I. on guild battles.  Little silly when the enemy team gets stunned by a magic weapon then my 
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Jonathan M about 4 years

Team scatters and runs in a big circle till the opportunity for free damage is over : /   Live pvp would be epic.

Scotty J about 4 years

One of the better one's out. Really hard to get into anything else now.........

Christopher D about 4 years

I uninstalled it due to very long loading times.