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SUN 12/15/2019 15:21
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Use this to report bugs

Created by Russell P on Aug 31, 2016

Use this post to report bugs and other issues you've found in the game.

So far, I've encounter a few bugs during battle.. One where an enemy dies but remains on screen, unable to progress.




Russell P over 3 years

Another is where I completed a stage, but the game did not progress to the next phase of the battle.. And eventually froze.

Adryen T over 3 years

Game says I have completed achievements but there aren't any I can claim.
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Akema S over 3 years

Yea Russell that is the main thing I'm encountering. It also takes your fuel when that happens as well.

Richard M over 3 years

game checks data, then quits T_T
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Akema S about 3 years

Yea it stopped working for me yesterday. Won't load the game...

Hyper C about 3 years

Its impossible to login to the square enix account. My id and the pw are correct. The login voa browser works fine, but not in this game