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Initial Impressions!

Sep 1, 2016
Justice Monsters V has fully launched!

What are your initial impressions of the game? Are you having fun? What could be improved upon within a future update?

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Dexter B almost 4 years

None :D because is not available in my country.

Yann M almost 4 years

Very boring game, sadly 

Scotty J almost 4 years

For such a long delay I'm very disappointed in this ****.......

Federico S almost 4 years

i'm pre reg but i have the same orb of a friend of mine that is not pre reg!!! where are the other orbs?????

Malik D almost 4 years

Loading is insane wish you didnt need a wifi connect

Mawile # almost 4 years

I too did not receive pre ref orbs, what gives

Amy F almost 4 years

Honestly, I can't get into it. Like others said, it's not real pinball, which would have been awesome. It's more like Monster Strike gameplay but more annoying. The cost of rolling is ridiculouslyHigh

Amy F almost 4 years

I generally don't care much for story line since I prefer pretty art work in general and speed through the stories, like Ishtaria and chain cronicles. And I dont like the art. This was a miss for me. 

Ian P almost 4 years

Also, for the kind of game it is requiring internet connection is silly. If it had been a pinball game it wouldn't need a connection to be a good game.

Saren D almost 4 years

Was a big miss for me as well. Too boring and just not up to the SE I know and love standards