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SAT 5/27/2017 01:11
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New Server!

May 27, 2016
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Many users had trouble accessing the game at Launch. The developers have added a new server, so the issue of the game crashing should no longer be an issue!

Thanks, and if you find any problems with the game please report them in the chats!

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Durat P 12 months

Srry to hear that bro
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Game Craft Inc. D 12 months

OK, we moved about 70 people who were on the fuse tutorial past the tutorial completely so it should work now.  Any other problems please contact support.  Top > Settings > Support

alvin b 12 months

Help my id stuck at tutorial.
IGN: Lvinz
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Kory K 12 months

So far I'm digging the game..

james E 12 months

Im still stuck IGN whoknowsu
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Miguel P 12 months

Yay I can play again. Thanks for the help. 
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Solid B 12 months

It's asking me to use my six star hero as material for my three star hero pls fix this :-(
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Razmik K 12 months

Same here Solid N
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Miguel P 12 months

Email support they will bypass the tutorial. If u used ur voucher they can supply u with another. Good luck 
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Razmik K 12 months

Thanks for info