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May 31, 2016
Hi everyone, just want to let everyone know we want to keep these forums for the users and not a channel for support.  If you have any problems or questions that you want us to respond to please either email us at gamecraft.incorporated@gmail.com or through the app by going to settings > support.


Ramon L about 4 years

I'm going through the tutorial and the game wants me to use my 5 and 6 star as material for fusion. That's crazy. I haven't passed that part yet cuz I don't want to waste my 5 and 6 star
Resize,m lfit,w 300

KEI Z about 4 years

I will try not to post on here unless u guys don't respond to my support mails...still waiting plz respond ...ign KEI

Philip R about 4 years

You guys totally dropped the ball on launch of this game. Understand when you are an underdog as well when it comes to progressing your players through the game. The first upgrade costing 10 mins

Philip R about 4 years

Uninstalling fo sho

Doctor B about 4 years