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Most hated legion/race?

Apr 21, 2016
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Everybody has a particular race that they do not fancy (in games, hopefully not in real life). Whether it be trolls, orcs, elves, giants, or goblins.

Which ones do you have a seething hatred towards?

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Tommy S over 2 years

Humans yes. We are usually the worst 
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Stephen D over 2 years

Oddly enough never had a hatred for any of those in game races. 

Brandon A over 2 years

I don't like trolls because they regenerate. I like humans because they are disciplined. 

Anonymous over 2 years

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Steven F over 2 years

hate trolls ....they act and smell like ****.....oh you mean in-game race trolls .....meh same **** lol
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SaMaN A over 2 years

Just dwarves
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Cody H over 2 years

Zombies and undead... im sick of the tropes

frank g over 2 years

Dwarfs for some reason greedy bastards 

Brandon C over 2 years

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Gypsy Gold about 2 years


What legions would you include in Legend of War?

Apr 6, 2016
We've already seen a variety of legions included in Legend of War, from durable giants to support elven archers. But what if you were a game designer? What legions would you include in Legend of War? What would be their strengths? Their weaknesses?

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ELD L over 2 years

It would be great if it was in English.
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Mat Munky M over 2 years

MURLOCS! Muhahaha 
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KEI Z over 2 years

Gargoyles and Angels...either would have a flight advantage...

Brandon A over 2 years

Dwarven infantry,  Elven Archers, and Human pike and calvary. 
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Cody H over 2 years

Polar bear shamans that use frost.  Wild boars that use their tusks to bleed.   Shark people that when effected by water go ham.  Turkeys... that gobble... up their foes!!!