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MON 8/10/2020 20:53
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Main Event #3

Created by Gypsy Gold on May 11, 2016

Main Events 3: Login For Free cool costume
About: Login throughout the event period, and once you have accumulated enough days, you’ll an awesome costume.


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Resize,m lfit,w 300

Gypsy Gold over 4 years

There are hundreds of sets of awesome costumes for you to mix and match in making your own perfect warrior!
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Demon K over 4 years

Will totally log in everyday :)

Ronoroa Z over 4 years

Count me in
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iNfamos W over 4 years

How do I sign up 
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Christian C about 4 years

Is it open yet? Or still waiting foe dl link? 
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Ryan T about 4 years

Its not a link, enter the game and press carnival,there you will see a special daily costume reward thingy :)

bob y about 4 years

This game is trash its nothing like PC plus its pay to win expected way more from the elsword team
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Gypsy Gold about 4 years

There is suppose to be an evnt section in game with more information, like times and locations.