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English Dubbed?

Jul 6, 2016
Would you prefer playing the game in an Englished Dubbed language setting? Why or why not?

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Richard M over 3 years

Anyone who thinks badly acted English dubs are better is philistine! 
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Darrell W over 3 years

English subs
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Jordan F over 3 years

We all love sub's but we still wonder who their dubs are so DUBS

Rashiem S over 3 years

English dub. For me the performance would be better in my own language also it would be cool to get funimation or viz media to dub it.

Silver E over 3 years

English dub....it would be better if I understand what they are saying 
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Nick O over 3 years

rip dat dub...

Praetorian V over 3 years

Idk, just more free outfits pls
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Sakura K over 3 years

In all fairness, we should have the voices in languages we're fluent in for each player (just giving my opinion again)
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Anna R over 3 years

We need more characters i want ciel :(
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Sakura K over 3 years

Given how long it took for all chars to be released, LuCiel will be a while's wait