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WED 1/16/2019 03:53
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    by Cedema ltd

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      Do you want to have a constant opportunity to take part in a funny and dynamic online fight at your finger tips? Then PingBang is for you! We’ve put together the best for you! Build, shoot and command your troops in arcade MOBA of a new generation. Play with your friends whilst convenient adaptable control and pleasant visual style will help you to enjoy the game from the first minute.
      PigBang  is an arcade battle game with elements of Tower Defense and RTS. The game takes place in some arena which is a natural landscape where 2 groups of boars fighting over water supplies. The players have to fulfill many tasks, the most important are: defense of their own camp from a wolf raid and constant struggle with enemies over water storages, which are points of interest in the arena. To fight, players can use earlier selected inventory: various weapon, special powers, additional turrets, and support units. The team which loses all the water fails.
      The fight is for 2 vs 2 players or 1 vs 1 on a request.
      Watch PigBang streams at MobCrush - http://www.mobcrush.com/game/PigBang
      Game is not supposed for weak devices.
      For any questions or issues: contact@pig-bang.com
      US, CAN, UK, AUS

      *Above are subject to change on launch

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