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SAT 5/30/2020 15:50
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by Netmarble Games

Launched on Septemeber 2nd 2016




Final Shot is the No.1 Globally Ranked FPS of 2016.

Cover me! Watch my back!
Participate in real-time 5v5 Battles!
The Final Shot will carry your Clan to victory!

1. You can now fight on Mobile!
- Easy-to-use controls and a realistic shooting experience that push the limits of mobile gaming!
- Quickly defeat enemies behind you with Final Shot's first-of-its-kind Revenge System!
- Discover why Final Shot is the world's leading mobile FPS!

2. One clan to rule them all!
- Fight in real-time 5v5 Clan Matches!
- Play with your friends using Smart Chatting and a simple invite system!
- Participate in Massive Clan Leagues and become a Wing Star!
- Unlock Special Items through Clan Fame Rewards and Exclusive Shops!

3. Experience the best shooter content!
- Compete on well-balanced maps designed by FPS experts!
- Customize your look and fighting style with tons of weapons and characters!
- Join Real-time battles and Weekly/Season Leagues!

*Above are subject to change on launch

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