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SAT 3/25/2017 04:41
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    NA players, join Poutine Guild

    Created by mark c on Oct 2, 2016

    Line: Frozen.yoman
    Guild will continue in the current server if no new global server. Otherwise, will start a new one on global. I know how to bring us all to the top



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    goGame SG Official admin 6 months

    Good luck in your guild Mark! Arrr! May your crew be marry and abundant. ^_^

    Eddy G 6 months

    I'm looking for a new guild when the game goes global. Make a new one.

    mark c about 1 month

    Guild is stil open to anyonw interested. Only accepting people via LINE

    mark c about 1 month

    Poutine Is the most experienced guild, as well as being #1 in guild battles.