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    Ships Ahoy! Icon Testin' Results

    Oct 12, 2016
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    We have be testin' various icons fer War Pirates. Alice th' blond lass was th' best performin' icon. 
    Here be her contenders. What was ye favorite?
    Why do ye think th' results went th' way they did?

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    Steven F almost 4 years

    Yup ...but it was around the corner in mid sept Lmao....in just going to stay dropping my money on valkyrie connect 

    Marc Henry G almost 4 years

    Almost november and still nothing.. is annoying how they can be so preoccupied with those darn icons when they still wont release the game.

    agung p over 3 years

    wtf 2 months? canceled or what?
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    Steven F over 3 years


    Roger P over 3 years

    This is probably not happening

    Devon M over 3 years

    It's star crusader all over again 
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    Alex M over 3 years

    Is this still valid? Or am I waiting for no reason

    Roger P over 3 years

    Probably not valid no more

    Karen M over 3 years

    Cause it's a dizzy blonde hair blue eyed girl...
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    Matthew D over 3 years

    The games out :)