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by Six Waves Inc.

Launched on February 27th 2017




Open Beta now available for Android users in selected countries - Australia, Austria, Denmark, Finland,  Netherlands, New Zealand, Sweden, and Switzerland! Account data will NOT be cleared after Open Beta! 

Download for free on the Google Play store and be a hero today:

High in the skies, a growing threat is brewing and it is up to you to gather and lead a team of unique personalities to become the new Heroes of Skyrealm!

Discover heroes and form your own 3-man team to uncover the evil behind the clouds by battling your way to victory in this action-packed hack and slash RPG! 


- Strategize and slash your way to triumph in this 3D action RPG!

- Lead and control a wide array of over 30 playable heroes ranging from steampunk soldiers to brutal beasts and ghosty gunslingers to clockwork champions!

- Cast light on the past left behind by our heroes as you discover new characters and collect their unique comic vignettes!

- Control and upgrade your sky ark to maximize your team's potential!

- Team up with your friends to raid bosses and complete campaigns together with up to 9 heroes! 

- Build an unbeatable Stronghold and lay siege to other players’ Strongholds! 

- Join millions of other players in an epic battle to claim the crown to being the king of the skies!

Got any feedback and enquiries? We would love to hear from everyone to improve our game! Please send any enquiries to the link below:


*Above are subject to change on launch

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