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FRI 4/20/2018 15:10
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About claim ?

Created by razer 2 on Oct 19, 2016

Why when i claim my prize always down from 475 to 435 ?  The prize not up but down ? When im tap claim ?



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Six Waves Inc. Official admin over 1 year

Dear Razer,
Do you mean the Mystery Box Prize? It's not out yet, we'll email to notify you all about how to claim the rewards after the game is officially launched. :)

razer 2 over 1 year

Yes that i mean . Im realy sory for my bad english . Thx for your respect. :)

razer 2 over 1 year

And is only my opinion.  Maybe your team can give fitur chat bubbel in guild like dragonest. I think it will be make player more friendly . And long stay in game .thx for your amazing  game