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SAT 6/23/2018 09:12
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>1 prize every 6 hours?

Created by Brandon G. M on Oct 25, 2016

We get 15 spins every 6 hours, but are they all for 1 prize? For example, if I claim the grand prize on spin #3, and get it again on my 11th spin, and claim, do I get both? 


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James W over 1 year

You can only one prize per game.. claim the best prize and chill out
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Brandon G. M over 1 year

Thanks, some1 else told me. I don't really get why they give you so many chances if you only get 1 prize though. 15 spins every 6 hours? I got gems my 2nd spin, so I thought we could get multiples. 

erwin k over 1 year

When the prize code gift will be send?