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SAT 2/17/2018 16:56
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Now Available in More Regions!

Oct 18, 2016
Good news all! Following the active involvement and feedback from our players, we have now made the game available in even in more countries! 

- Australia 
- Austria
- Denmark
- Finland
- Germany
- Netherlands
- New Zealand
- Norway
- Sweden
- Switzerland 

Download for free on Google Play: http://bit.ly/prelaunchmeSkyrealm 

Open Beta Testing will extend into our official Launch, so all accounts and data created during this time will NOT be cleared! 

Please feel free to check out our game in advance and provide us with any feedback and suggestions you may have so we may continue to improve our game. 

Enquiries: https://6waves.helpshift.com/a/heroes-of-skyrealm/ 

We thank everyone for their understanding and patience in waiting for the game's Open Beta Testing and with everyone's efforts, we hope we will be able to proceed to official Launch and roll out the game in more countries and on the App Store as well very soon. We sincerely apologize to all players who may not currently have access to the game. 

In the meantime, please follow our official Facebook Fanpage for all the latest news and release details. Like our Page: https://www.facebook.com/HeroesofSkyrealm/

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Kirito ⚔ over 1 year

Believe me, I want my gift too! But we have no choice than to wait :( they'll probably launch the full game about a month or 2. Or maybe a year idk lol waiting it's the only option.

Vamplord1112 C over 1 year

Yes it is 

Christopher D over 1 year

Gonna be a long while for us
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Samantha S over 1 year

Says it's not available in my country.. I live in the US

Christopher D over 1 year

It won't be for a long time

Christopher D over 1 year

We just have to wait

Vamplord1112 C over 1 year

I live in the US and I'm playing it fine

joe b over 1 year

you must be us eight an apk because it's not in America in the play store

Cody K over 1 year

I clicked link told me not avaliable in my country(im in the US) anyone know how to fix?
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Death S about 1 year

Been playing it well over a month now downloaded the apk and get every update that comes along with it it's a pretty decent game I really don't see the hold up on the global release.