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Fav character results

Nov 15, 2016
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Thank you so much for those who participated in our favorite character voting. The top 3 were
#1. Maerklyn - 86 votes
#2. Aurelaine - 73 votes
#3. Gregoire - 67 votes
We're going to create icons based on these characters so keep your eyes open! 
Thanks again for those who voted! 

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Ero S 12 months

this is not FFBE dude
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Player K 12 months

just got aurelaine and momo ^_^ 
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Heman-Han L 12 months

Aw tbd instead of already released in late november :(

jt a 11 months

i wish they would at least say something anything, let us know this is isnt canceled /

Ultra N 11 months

Any Know Release in Europe? 

Ero S 11 months

the game is on but cant be played in some device or countries

Ultra N 11 months

Ok my frend Has Played it whit apk

Ultra N 11 months

Before the update 
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Player K 11 months

who want play coop ? add me
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Player K 11 months

line : touyakif