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MON 5/21/2018 15:13
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    by Six Waves Inc.

    Launch:Beta Live Now!




      Featuring legendary heroes and dragons, Age of Fire and Ice is a real-time strategy mobile game that seamlessly merges strategical planning with deliberate action. Summon over 30 different heroes and dragons as you fight to recover your kingdom. Build your own army of unique heroes and train up powerful dragons to counter every situation. Lead your army into battle and fight alongside your mighty dragon of choice as you make precise split second decisions that will determine the fate of your ruling. Rise above others and claim your throne of glory today!
      - Command up to eight hero armies AND a dragon in an epic real-time battle that puts both your mental and physical precision to the test. Flank and catch your enemies off-guard as you set up your attacks around the map.
      - Design, build and defend your base. Be on the watch out for enemy invasions and upgrade your base for the ultimate defence. 
      - Summon and upgrade heroes and dragons. Mix and match to create your own unique team that matches your playing style!   
      - PvP battles against players from all over the world! Gain trophies and climb up the leaderboard to be the reigning champion!
      Will you be the destined leader to rise above the ruins of battle to conquer the continent plagued by fire and ice? Download now and start building your kingdom today!
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