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SAT 1/21/2017 09:22
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by PopPace

Launch:January 2017




Final Clash is a free-to-play fantasy online role-playing game that features strategic, fast-paced combat and stunning 3D graphics. As the first collection-based RPG with multi-character skill combos, the groundbreaking play possibilities are practically limitless. With a massive range of heroes at their disposal, players can build the ultimate team for any battle! All heroes learn new skills as they are upgraded, further broadening the combat options available.

Game Features:
•	Heroes: Choose from over 50 heroes! Develop each hero's unique skills and collect equipment for additional power upgrades to defeat foes.

•	Beasts: Acquire cute animal companions to accompany and assist heroes in battles. Upgrade beasts and unlock new talents to further enhance hero powers.

•	Massive Map and Player Count: The huge city environment supports over 10,000 players on the same map.

•	GvG: Join a guild and ascend to become its leader. Form alliances and battle competitors to become the server's top guild.

*Above are subject to change on launch

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