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FRI 1/20/2017 16:07

Pre registered gift

Created by Gun C on Jan 16, 2017

I lost preregistered gift code. Help me to claim 




Karen M 2 days

I need a new one..gives error when I tried to use mine..now I can't see it to recopy

Michael M 2 days

I never got a code 
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Scylla G about 22 hours

Game isn't launched yet, therefore there is no code as of yet.
It is currently in "soft launch" where it is only available in certain areas, and as soon as it goes global, everyone will get codes.

Harvey C about 15 hours

Yeah well they are on the 3rd server now . I'm sure its past soft launch by now.
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Scylla G about 5 hours

It isn't, I contacted them over FB to ask about an ETA for global launch. They're still working on the iOS version, but said it should be around mid February. 
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Brawnze about 5 hours

Thank you Scylla! 

The developers plan to fully release Android alongside the iOS launch which was planned for mid-January. Unfortunately these delays are common with unreleased titles.
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Scylla G about 1 hour

Which is unfortunate because it's really difficult for me to sit and wait! The little I played, I really enjoyed, but would enjoy more to have all resources right from the get-go.
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Scylla G about 1 hour

Just very scary to me to see so many people running around with that v7 title on the very first day for s3. 
Oh well! Maybe the global launched server will be a bit friendlier.