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FRI 1/20/2017 16:08

UPDATE: State of Launch

Jan 10, 2017
Greetings PreLaunchers,

We understand that a working build is available on Google Play. We were informed by the developers that the current build is a soft launch version. We were asked to launch the game once the game is out of soft launch. 

When the game is officially launched:
- Gift codes will be available.
- A new server will be available.

Thank you for your patience,
PLM & PopPace Team

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Arvoz F 8 days

Alot of people already spent alot of $ and time on this launch,the betas that are naturally wiped dont do in game purchases to not have many complaints
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Arvoz F 8 days

I doubt there will be a wipe

LJ M 5 days

This isn't Beta.  It's Soft launch=it's only available to limited countries & limited platforms (it's not yet available for iOS). Release=Global Launch (available for everyone) so there'll be no wipes

Logan B 3 days

So where is my prelaunch code?

Logan B 3 days

There's already a 2nd server.
Or do you mean a 3rd?

LJ M 3 days

This hasn't been launched globally yet.  So we'll probably get the prelaunch code when the global launch announcement is made.

Logan B 3 days

Ah ok thanks for clarifying 

Logan B 2 days

Well new server available now but no code as of yet

Rodney C 1 day

Pre launch gift is a joke anyway.They give ya king carnage need a golden or red hero
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Scylla G about 22 hours

Carnage is still a good hero, even if it's not the grade you want it. Better to have than to have nothing.