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THU 12/14/2017 11:01
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UPDATE: State of Launch

Jan 10, 2017
Greetings PreLaunchers,

We understand that a working build is available on Google Play. We were informed by the developers that the current build is a soft launch version. We were asked to launch the game once the game is out of soft launch. 

When the game is officially launched:
- Gift codes will be available.
- A new server will be available.

Thank you for your patience,
PLM & PopPace Team

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Rickey D 11 months

Any chance you guys could make an htc compatible version, devs?

Neo A 11 months

Where is prelaunch code located
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Rodney C 11 months

No code yet still in soft launch
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9Patrick M 11 months

gift codes plz
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Naga J 10 months

Gift codes

Joe W 10 months

Cant even download it

Dazee B 10 months

maintenance moment i try to login

Joe W 10 months

Still wont download

Dazee B 10 months

getting not compatible? id say email them, they might send you an apk link

Joe W 10 months

Just wont download, emailed them and their response was to change my internet.