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FRI 6/23/2017 20:43
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Created by PreLaunch.Me on Dec 1, 2016

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Hsjd J 7 months

Whats behind the *
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Hsjd J 7 months

Its still hidden try seperating the letters

Chungbo S 7 months

Do u guys spend money in games?

Vox C 7 months

No one spends money in games; it's a thriving multi billion dollar industry because developers pick up loose change on the way to work.  Reason for switched names is probably publisher/licence change
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Brawnze 7 months

Just a heads up guys, if something is being censored there's a reason for that. PLM does not condone the distribution of unauthorized APKs.

Nathan F 6 months

The mystery box is no longer showing the prize I claimed. Does that mean I don't have one claimed anymore?
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Brawnze 6 months

Hey guys the mystery box was changed to reflect that the items are out of stock, you can see your claimed gift now.

Yuri V 6 months

For the ones asking for the name change, "Saga" is a trademark of King Srudios, only they can use it in a game name

Matthew P 6 months

So i got grand prize but it i can only see upto the first part were it aays 300, can somebody tell me what the rest is
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Hsjd J 6 months

Its nothing

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