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THU 3/21/2019 09:28
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Not a new launch?

Created by J S on Dec 24, 2016

How long has this game been out?  I'm sure there are much better guilds, but mine has people in it who are lvl 29+


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J S about 2 years

Spent money thinking it was a new game, only to find out I'm incredibly far behind :/

daniel c about 2 years

the guild I'm in has people who are already level 40. I'm assuming they have all 6 stars too since it takes forever to level up.
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J S about 2 years

Yeah, i made it to top 200 arena and saw people with multiple 6* too
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J S about 2 years

Would have never started playing had I known that
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J S about 2 years

I'm OK with people outspending, but the game being soft launched for so long with no notice to us sucks.  The highest in my guild is lvl 29, and they haven't played in 3 weeks

Bob T about 2 years

Well that sucks, I thought it was new too.  There goes any chance of me spending money on it, I was waiting to decide.  

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