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MON 5/21/2018 15:10
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    Heroes of the Orvel Kingdom

    Jan 27, 2017
    “King’s Raid: The Legend of Aea” is a real-time battle RPG with stunning quality graphics, visual effects and interesting scenario. In King’s raid your role is to build your teams and get through various modes including Story, Dungeon and Tower to protect a capital of Orvel. You will also be able to experience real-time battle content in modes such as PVP, Boss Raids and Guild Raid!


    Freedom W over 1 year

    When tho??
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    Kai M over 1 year

    Right thats always the question

    Freedom W over 1 year

    Someone was saying that it was released the 27th, but I've searched everywhere

    Chris A over 1 year

    Just released today but I didn't get my email code
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    Donzell P over 1 year

    Email code we get one of those

    Andy P about 1 year

    I didn't get one either
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    Donzell P about 1 year

    Check your spam mail mine was in there