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SAT 6/23/2018 09:10
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    STATUS: King's Raid Gift Codes

    Feb 16, 2017
    Greetings Prelaunchers!
    We'd like to inform you that the game has launched today, however we are experiencing some issues with the gift codes. We are currently reaching out to the developers right now to get the issue resolved! We will update you as soon as we receive working gift codes! But until then please enjoy the game! 
    Thank you for your patience,
    PLM & King's Raid Team

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    Hellsbane G over 1 year

    And ....

    Hellsbane G over 1 year

    Just save up
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    Rell Y over 1 year

    the heroes you start with are really good just grind it out you'll  be rewarded

    Hellsbane G over 1 year

    It's a grind/p2w but since it's not multi server based we already have a advantage 
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    Undead A over 1 year

     Wasssup long time no chat?

    Michael F over 1 year

    Game is fun so far

    Malcolm W over 1 year

    Keeps crashing as soon as I kill tower on stage 1-10....make me redo it then crashes again
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    Rodney C over 1 year

    To expensive for gold gems and to hard to lvl up plus some early stages to hard  needs work!!

    Jesse N Melissa S over 1 year

    I don't even have a gift code showing 
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    Rodney C over 1 year

    Me either. There trying to fix it (read the news part)