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SAT 6/23/2018 09:01
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    STATUS: Gift Codes Now Available!

    Feb 17, 2017
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    Good news everyone! 
    The gift code issues have now been resolved! You can find your codes via the pink box icon.
    Thank you for your patience; we hope you're having a spectacular time with the launch!
    PLM & King's Raid Team

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    Rodney C over 1 year

    Well it finally worked.just waiting on it to come in mail
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    Rell Y over 1 year

    well my in game currency was stolen the summon gacha is glitched out and **** 2500 gone 

    Angel Gabriel L over 1 year

    where do I find the enter coupon on an ipad
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    Rell Y over 1 year

    tap you hero icon top left corner 

    Angel Gabriel L over 1 year

    I'm doing what it says to but I don't see an enter coupon area under others on my ipad
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    Rell Y over 1 year

    when you click it then click on other

    Caius B over 1 year

    My code doesn't work could I get another?

    Pe J over 1 year

    How get code ?

    Ricardo C over 1 year

    How do i get code
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    dennis s about 1 month

    My code still doesn't work it's been months wth