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MON 5/21/2018 15:20
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    by Com2us

    Launched on May 25th 2016




      Eternal World of the Legends: Majestia
      Squad up and conquer with your favorite mythological and historical heroes! Com2us is excited to announce the global pre-registration launch for Majestia, its upcoming tactical game that boasts stunning visuals and epic gameplay depth. 
      Get ready for the ultimate battle strategy challenge!
      ■ Features
      - Various modes for exciting battles: Battle Mode, Battle Recorder, Single Mode, and Arena Mode
      - Command the legends to defeat the enemy, occupy the headquarter, and acquire points!
      - Use tactics such as United Attack, Deception, and Supply Route to claim victory
      - Battle with myths and legends from all across history to collect the scattered souls!
      - Enjoy the unique graphics and striking imagery!
      ■ Heroes
      - From King Arthur, Napoleon, to Genghis Khan! 
      - 50 Heroes of 5 different unions: Eastern, Western, Olympus, Fantasy, and Dark
      - Each Hero possesses unique skills and traits to match their character
      - Strengthen your Heroes in any way you like!
      ■ Social
      - Duke it out with real-time strategic battles!
      - Compete against users from all over the world in the global ranking!
      - Watch your friends’ best matches in the Battle Recorder!
      - Join us at our Facebook page @ facebook.com/majestiagame!
      About Com2us
      Com2us is a leading developer and publisher of mobile games, spearheading the industry since being established in 1998. Headquartered in Korea, Com2us maintains operations worldwide with offices in China, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. As a leading mobile game developer and publisher, Com2us thrives to produce only the finest quality games for all platforms and connect game audiences around the world. More information about Com2us and its products can be found on the company's website, us.com2us.com.

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