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SAT 4/29/2017 02:23
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by Gamater

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Hunter Age is a stunning 3D MMO adventure game full of fantasy and fun! 

Come on! Start your thrilling hunting journey on this fantasy land!


The game features brilliant 3D graphics of fresh style and bold innovation in the details. It lays emphasis on PVP combats and multiplayer game modes mixed with many unexpected novel experience and innovation. From every picture in this game , we can feel that "Hunter Age" tries to provide us with a grand banquet of cool combats and visual enjoyment.

[Game Features]

- Playable classes

Boxer:Melee Heroes, Physical attack and Nuke

Marut:Melee Heroes, Physical attack and DPS

Mage: Ranged Heroes, Magic attack and DPS

Priest:Ranged Heroes, Magic attack and Healer

PS: To conquer high level instances , you need to take full advantage of the features of different classes.

- Various PVE systems

Multiple tasks、Rainbow Island、Pet Island、World BOSS、Daily instances and so on. A lot of money, advanced props and materials are waiting for you in these PVE systems.

Interesting pet system. There are many cute pets of different types, attributes, characters, multi-element training needs!

4P family system. Join the 4P family to get the buff bonus and your adventure will not be lonely any longer!

---Stimulating PVP systems

1v1, 2v2, 4v4 and other MOBA modes . Team combat ? Wheel combat? Or melee? Come to find all of these in Hunter Age!

Game guild system.Build your own hunter team, upgrading and combating togather, capturing the commanding heights in the hunter age! 


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USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine, Indonesia

*Above are subject to change on launch

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