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SAT 4/29/2017 02:23
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Tis the Age of Hunters!

Apr 12, 2017
The game features brilliant 3D graphics of fresh style and bold innovation in the details. It lays emphasis on PVP combats and multiplayer game modes mixed with many unexpected novel experience and innovation. From every picture in this game , we can feel that "Hunter Age" tries to provide us with a grand banquet of cool combats and visual enjoyment.


Rodney C 10 days

How come it says launched but no code and cannot download? 

Cysco C 10 days

It does say launched but when I click on it,  it takes me to the play store and Saya can not be found. 
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Brawnze 9 days

Sorry for the issues guys, trying to figure out whats wrong. For now, try accessing the link through here.
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Cognizant x Night Y 8 days

 Ooooh yeeees