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SUN 3/29/2020 09:02
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UPDATE: Pre-registeration Gift Support

Jul 5, 2017
Greetings Prelaunchers,

Thank you for bearing with us as we addressed the gift issue with the developers. As you may be aware of, if you had initially installed the game outside of the link on our app/website the gift was not sent to your account. Reinstalling the game through our link will not fix this issue, as your previous game information is tied to your device.

The developers are now aware of the issue and have asked us to direct you to the support here: 

Please let them know that you have not received your PLM pre-registration gift.

PLM Team


Paul P over 2 years

What was the gifts so i know if i did?

Duo M over 2 years

The masamune sword, chocobo helmet, cactuar greaves, mythril armor, and crystal bracer were all part of the pre-registration gear set. 

Francis B over 2 years

Not worth the trouble I am afraid. Too bad
Resize,m lfit,w 300

Rick R over 2 years

This sucks. I got the game off Google play store. But I prefer r the game gere

russell j over 2 years

hey weres my prelaunch reward