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THU 7/19/2018 04:52
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by Snail Games USA Inc.





Long before Gaia was shattered by the invasion of darkness, its people were drawn into a fierce war along faction lines. As humans, elves, and dwarves battle each other in an attempt to take over the planet, they each enlist the help of forces beyond their control. Dragons and dark magic are powerful weapons with unforeseen consequences. Who will emerge victorious? And what will become of Gaia's future?

Hack, slash, and blast your way through a massive magical world, hold your own in real-time combat, destroy epic bosses, and so much more in Dark and Light: Tales of Gaia. The planet's fate is in your hands.

-Unique game engine provides brilliant 3D graphics and PC-level special effects 

-Roam across a large and immersive map with dynamically environments

-Prove yourself in real-time co-op and PVP combat

-Earn glory and rewards for defeating massive bosses 

-Join a guild and rise in the ranks of the Guild Wars

-Begin your journey by casting your allegiance to one of the factions: Dwarf, Elf, or Human

-Uncover the Shadowy Secrets of Gaia's Past and experience firsthand the legendary battle 

-Discover the sources of darkness that caused Gaia's collapse through face-offs with epic bosses
USA, AU, CA, UK and more countries in Europe and Middle East
English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

*Above are subject to change on launch

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