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WED 9/20/2017 20:15
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Release Date?

Created by Shane J on Aug 16, 2017

Ive been waiting for months for this game to come out can anyone tell me when it will be released?



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wenyue z about 1 month

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Kreo O about 1 month

It is already out
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Clay M about 1 month

It's a closed beta, your data will be erased.
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wiro h 14 days

october 19

Bobby C 4 days

Oct 19th is not release date, 19th is end of this beta stage. 
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Jason M 2 days

So what's the deal with this game

SF P 2 days

Download it now from apk pure 
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Jason M 1 day

It won't start it says it's not out in my region yet

SF P 1 day

I'm in the USA and it works for me 
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Jason M about 21 hours

Well I guess it's my phone 

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