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WED 8/23/2017 05:00
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    by Playwith Interactive

    Launched August 10th 2017




      Awaken your heroes and embark on a new adventure with Fabled Heroes!
      Do explore uncharted territories, build your tavern, and battle monsters— all at the same time.
      Register now to experience the world’s best pocket RPG. 
      [Official Facebook]
      Link - http://bit.ly/2tXJmsP
      Come and join Official Facebook Fan Page of the world of ‘Fabled Heroes’ to get the latest news.
      ● Build Your Tavern:
      - Variety of exciting and different features for each floor of your tavern
      - Enhance the different floors to build the greatest tavern around!
      - Rooms to develop include the Pub, Forge, Training Camp, Bakery and more!
      ● Story Mode:
      - A number of quests with a robust storyline for you to fulfill your destiny
      - 5 different dungeons with 45 levels across 3 difficulties for each dungeon
      - Daily dungeons with different rewards to enhance your heroes
      - Meet and team up with different heroes along your journey
      - Tired of watching the battle and want to join in?  Your finger is your best weapon! Use it to dish out additional damage to those monsters!
      ● PvP System:
      - Select your 5 strongest heroes and prepare to go head to head in 5v5 combat against the strongest teams the land has to offer
      - 2 different types of PvP arenas
      - Battle every 5 weeks in campaigns for the top spot
      - Earn special rewards only attainable through PvP!
      ● Baking, Forging and Alchemy:
      - Use resources to bake different baked goods
      - Feed the different sweets to your heroes and make them stronger than ever!
      - Craft equipment for your heroes throughout your battles in the dungeons
      - Bring the gear back and have it fortified by your tavern blacksmith
      - Use materials to craft powerful potions that will help you in battle
      - Don’t worry, all our doping potions are approved by the World Anti-Doping Agency!
      ● Transcend and Fuse your Heroes:
      - Want to become stronger and look more awesome while doing it? Try transcending your heroes
      - They can higher level caps, new skills and new styles
      - Want to enhance their skills too?  Fuse heroes of the same type together and watch their strength grow!
      ● Explore the uncharted land:
      - Send your heroes out into the wilderness to collect all kinds of resources and materials
      - Use these materials for everything your tavern has to offer
      - They’ll gain exploring skills and possibly stumble across random special dungeons with unique rewards!

      *Above are subject to change on launch

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