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WED 8/23/2017 05:03
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by Spade Inc.





The Great Ruler is a traditional MMO RPG CARD GAME,  adapted from the network fantasy novel. Authorized by Tiancan Tudou (Lihu), a famous WUXIA novel in China, The Great Ruler will present you with classical story and exquisite characters. 

Our game is loyal to and heavily based on the novel! You are the ruler of your own fate!

Wanna to experience the traditional Chinese game? Come and start the journey, the world is under your control!

Pre-Registration Gift:
Now we prepare a unique pre-registration activity for all of you. Participate then you can directly get one of the powerful character.

Don't hesitate, come to get the gift now!

Generals of high Aptitude make a hit!

With heavy cost, We are trying our best to building characters which are highly loyal to the novel. This is a MMO Role Playing Card Game of interesting storyline, exquisite characters, challenging gameplay and superb graphics. Just Fire on all cylinders and have an exciting adventure!

3 in 1 skill release! More fun!

The combination of characters' skills releasing is Cool, Cooler and Coolest! Just have fun! Do you feel bored when you see the boring gameplay? Our game may be to your taste.

Auto-Entrust System

A round-the-clock auto-entrust system! Neither work and game is to suffer. You can play our game and do other things at the same time. We refuse to waste your valuable time!
All except: TW, HK, MO, JP, KR, CN, TH

*Above are subject to change on launch

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