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Lifeforms Detected!

Jul 18, 2017
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Explore the galaxy as an intergalactic bounty hunter. Discover new planets, chart incredible worlds and exterminate the aliens that stands in your way.

Use the latest hi-tech weapons and skills to crush your enemies and earn loot to unlock awesome new gear and upgrades. Lock and load.


Anthony F about 3 years

This looks like and sounds interesting. Seems to be a great original piece of work. I like it already. 
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Anselmo G over 2 years

I like the art style of it yes i do i hope it has multiplayer on it for more fun graphics look pretty good as well keep up the good work i like it 
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Ignacio S over 2 years

Wen is it comeing out 
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Anselmo G over 2 years

Dude it is taking really long to come out first comment was like 4 months ago when will it come out im desperate
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iNfamos W about 2 years

Just so everyone knows this game is available now in Google play store