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MON 2/19/2018 15:36
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Give us news or something!!!!

Created by Ethan J on Nov 19, 2017

I'm sorry,but his is to long to wait for a game. With no news at that!!!!



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long c 3 months

maybe it's the special costume for pre registered that they are having issues with

Ethan J about 2 months

Could be

Carlos F about 2 months

I found out about this while doing a random search. I like how the game is looking, so far. 
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long c about 2 months

lol, tbh the company may not even exist anymore
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Video G about 2 months

If I remember correctly this was actually Gypsy's friends company. I believe there were some updates when PLM and Martin V shared a booth at a conference together. They very well may no longer be communicating between eachother. Or the game might be dead.

Debonair F about 1 month

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PLM Bunny Official admin about 1 month

Update: PLM has move headquarters is under management with a new team. Please refer to this post: https://prelaunch.me/Nzgx/news/3785

Debonair F about 1 month