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TUE 2/18/2020 08:19
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Good Morning

Created by Gypsy Chalk (PLM Sidekick) on May 23, 2016

Good morning everyone, are you looking forward to martin vs robot boxing?


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Gypsy Chalk (PLM Sidekick) Side kick over 3 years

they are still deciding one.
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Rick R over 3 years

Hey Gypsy chalk do u know when the beta will be released? 

Rich P over 3 years

Longest wait ever....
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Octeto Studios Official admin over 3 years

You're right! Sorry for the delays! It feels like Duke Nukem! The truth is that our studio needed to take a few 3rd party projects to fund MartinV, which kept us away from the project for a while :(

Alan D over 3 years

I hope things are going ok :)

Damon L over 3 years

Definitely excited

Anonymous over 3 years

+Damon L  same here

Anonymous over 3 years

+Octeto Studios  good luck on getting the game finished quickly. I hope I don't have to wait much longer, and I am sure it will be worth the wait :)
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long c about 2 years

maybe wait just another year or so

Rich P about 2 years

Hahaha not even sure why this is still on here