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See You Again

Sep 4, 2018
Dear all Martin V followers,

Thanks for your attention to Martin V Robot Boxing over the past three years!

As the estimated launch date draws near, we got in touch with the developer, Octeto Studios, and learned about the situation of Martin V. 

Now here are the updates:
- The studio has been working from time to time on Martin V. Actually, now they have a PC alpha and they are aiming for a Switch version. 
- The mobile version is still in their plans. However, it’s been difficult to finish the mobile version of Martin V while taking other projects to support the studio.

Therefore, we’re sorry to inform you that we have to temporarily take off Pre-registration Campaign: Martin V Robot Boxing. 

Don’t worry. We will inform you if there are any other updates.

Staying true, punching hard! 

- PLM Team

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JoiyGaming about 1 year

Glad to know they might be getting on switch
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Rick R about 1 year

Yay 4 switch 
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JoiyGaming about 1 year

I don't got a switch doe but I'm pumped to see they're going big
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iNfamos W about 1 year

Best wishes!
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Cognizant(x)Night T 12 months

IDK, I can't even :'(
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iNfamos W 12 months


Mugen F 6 months

Like y'all dev is lazy y post a game y'all not even gonna finish and release don't make no product then give up on it
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Cognizant(x)Night T 5 months

@JoiyGaming It's a great time to wait to buy one though, Nintendo said that this year they'll be releasing details/ release dates for both a Newer version AND a cheaper version of the Switch sometime this summer!
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Cognizant(x)Night T 5 months

@Mugen F Well true, but at least they told us themselves instead of PLM Team finding out for themselves and posting for the Devs, it's better to hear from the Devs than the other way around.