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    Card Battle

    by Feelingtouch HK

    Launched on Sept 15th 2017




      It’s the year 2045 and on the borderland of South America’s Atacama Desert, a team of expert scientists under the command of the evil F-Tec are presenting their findings of a series of never seen before biological experiments to senior F-Tec officials. 
      Within the capsule surrounded by the crowd, stands a familiar figure, a clone comprised of the strongest genes ever synthesized in the history of cloning. As the onlookers stare intently, the eyes of the figure inside slowly begin to open…
      The news of F-Tec’s success in developing this threat to mankind has now spread to all corners of the world. Fortunately, a former F-Tec scientist has been working from the inside to uncover this conspiracy and has all the evidence he needs to conduct his own research and develop the means to defeat the clones and to resist the company’s evil plan.
      Game Features
      ● Intelligent auto system: Free up your hands and enjoy the fun as the system takes the strain
      As progress continues in the background, put your trust in the game to receive rewards, train your clones and develop your legion on your behalf, even when you’re away from the game!
      ● Gene cloning: The most comprehensive gene bank in the universe is ready for you to explore and utilize Clone Evolution’s unique gene pool contains six attributes and more than a hundred genes of numerous historical heroes including Alexander and Pharaohs who are eager to do battle.
      ● Multi-line development: Equip for clones with chips from our dual system
      Receive awesome equipment, special access and generous packages freely to aid you in creating unique heroes with fearsome, unrivaled attributes.
      ● Immersive gameplay: Endless PVE/PVP combat
      Wisely select the composition of your clone army, including the skills that will secure victory and challenge F-Tec’s impending domination of the world! Compete with players everywhere to determine who is fit to lead the world’s fightback!
      ● Unrivaled aid: Register and log-in to receive colossal bonuses!
      Download and log-in to Clone Evolution today to take part in thrilling events and to begin calling your heroes to the ranks of your awesome, F-Tec opposing army as well as receiving legendary equipment to help you in your quest.
      English, French, Germany, Chinese

      *Above are subject to change on launch

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