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Launched on August 23rd 2017




Immortal Thrones is by far the best 3D MMORPG, with Real-Time State War & Global battlefield! Merged the livestreaming and LBS system to entitle you the chance to be a live idol in game that be admired.
Fight for thrones! Fight for glory!

☆Variety Classes, Advancement and Skills☆
Advancement system entitles the classes of characters more functional than they used to be. The 4 classes, each has 2 advancements, by which either strengthen their original concentration, defense, crowd control, area effect and damage dealer, or add other attributes to the players to meet the different requirement in the battlefields. 

☆Global Battlefield☆--The kingdom is never large enough 
From Saturday to Thursday, heroes are summoned to serve for the state to expand territory, obtain resources and improve position and prestige. With higher prestige, more rewards is sent not only to the state, but also to heroes who perform well in the Global Battlefield.    

☆State War☆-- Defending honor of your state
Available for each single day, open for level 36 and above. State War provides a chance for the states who have common enemies, since in free mode, the King and the Prime Minister of each state have the right to declare war to any countries, while in Dual mode, only the neighboring state could be declared. Not only a great amount of EXP, but also Merits points, equipment, and extra rewards will be given to winners and players who rank highly in the Kills Rank.

☆Cross-Server Combats☆--The glory is endless, so are the enemies 
Players in the game shall never be afraid of lacking components. Cross Server system guarantees tons of quests and competitors coming to you. Boss combat, instances, multiple PvP arena, etc. you name it. Peace is what we want but not we have got. 

☆ Live Streaming in game☆--Unique Interaction System
Internal livestreaming is invited into Immortal Thrones on the base of LBS technology and establishes an in-game real life platform for players who wants to be local idols. Mobile MMO players used to complain about the difficulty of communication during the fierce combats. With this system, the need of quick ordering and responding is perfectly fulfilled. Free the typing hands and make the communication easier and more effective. 

☆360° high quality camera☆--Stunning graphics and effect 
Lots of effort has been made during the scenes designing. Immortal Thrones teams devoted ourselves managing to create a magnificent world for players not only for battle but also for the experience of visual sense. Glorious and resplendent castles, mysterious ancient kingdoms, lofty mountains and gloomy forest, all designed for revive the atmosphere of mid-age.

*Above are subject to change on launch

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