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THU 7/19/2018 04:52
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by Snail Games USA

Launched on October 10th 2017




Before the world was populated with taichi masters, there existed two dragons borne from the sun and moon. Together they breathed life into the continent, and existed in harmony for ages before pride overtook the darkness. Now evil forces are plotting for control of the world, and a war is brewing. Do you have the taichi skills that it takes to save all living things from total destruction?

2017's most anticipated MMORPG, a martial arts adventure with top graphics and an epic thrilling story! Choose your faction, develop your skills, and command a fleet of mounts for total control of the land and sky. Seize your destiny in Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter. 

- The 2017 flagship product of Snail Games, the studio that brought you Taichi Panda.

- PC-level visuals immerse players into a vast 3D world.

- Hunt for dragons in an East meets West fantasy landscape.

- Join one of two rival camps, each with a unique character lineup.

- Explore a massive seamless map teeming with exotic creatures, breathtaking scenery, and random events with no load times.

- Enjoy cutting edge visuals, including light, particle effects, and normal mapping.

- Snap gorgeous and crystal-clear action frames with our in-game Screenshot function.

- Explore every part of the fully interactive map, including rooftops, palaces, forests, and everywhere in between.

- Collect a range of powerful mounts for both land and air battles.

- Take on World Bosses in multi-player PvE.
USA, AU, CA, UK and more countries in Europe and Middle East
English, Chinese, German, French, Russian, Arabic, Turkish, Portuguese, Spanish, Thai

*Above are subject to change on launch

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