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SAT 10/21/2017 17:45
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Soft launched!

Created by Coen v on Sep 27, 2017

Its downloadable



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GamerMan ! 12 days

You need read there facebook page also there more too in last post
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Jamal B 12 days

Thanks Gamer
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GetMerced S 12 days

When will Us server be released
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damein m 12 days

So server still not up, even I'm curious what time exactly

Michal K 12 days

Eu-2 Will be Up in 1h5mins :-) but there's no "plm gift pack" :-/ So how i can claim my pre-reg reward lol
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damein m 12 days

Have a feeling the US time may be wrong, it's suppose to be 11 for EST & still can't connect 

Ces J 12 days

P2w alert
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Rodney C 12 days

Just got a message saying it's ready but no servers. Anyone know anything? 

Anonymous 11 days

Cant claim gift pk. You have to go to snail site and go to gift center and then enter code. I did all this and was to code was not vaild
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Rodney C 10 days

Enter my code but haven't received it.That was yesterday