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THU 7/19/2018 04:45
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    by Playwith Interactive

    Launched on Nov 17th 2017




      [Dragon Raja]
      a free-to-play mobile ARPG based on the critically acclaimed Korean high-fantasy novel series, Dragon Raja. 
      The epic ARPG places you in the midst of a struggle to save the kingdom of Bysus from a Crimson Dragon that terrorized the continent some 20 years ago.  
      The widely successful mobile title which reached number 1 on South Korea and Taiwan’s free games charts is coming to North American audiences.
      [Key Features]
      •	The masterpiece of fantasy novel, Dragon Raja, with over 50M readers around the globe
      •	Be the protagonist of the original novel and set out on the long journey!
      •	Experience the thrilling narrative of Dragon Raja in the palm of your hands!
      •	Awaken various protagonists from the novel and embark on a new adventure
      •	Story-driven scenario mod with hundreds of dungeons
      •	Stunning skill effects and fascinating character animation
      •	Infinite dungeon, the Abyss
      •	Breathtaking combat at the Great Labyrinth
      •	Fast paced real-time PvP powered by Unity3d
      •	Adrenalin-pumping 30 vs 30 combat guild wars!
      * Stay tuned to our official facebook for updates - https://www.facebook.com/DragonRaja.PlayWith

      *Above are subject to change on launch

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