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THU 7/19/2018 04:45
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    I had a question about beans

    Created by iNfamos W on Sep 28, 2017

    Is this really a bean throwing game? =_= please say no. The fact that bean tossing is shown in the loading screen makes you immediately lose patience with the looking loading screen. I actually


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    iNfamos W 10 months

    Deleted the app lol Sry. I will reinstall and try to ignore it, but in all honesty that repeated loading video and bean toss demo is cutting your own throat.
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    Gladius D 10 months

    The ***..?
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    Aaraso . 10 months

    Thats not the entirety of the game lmao. Thats just an extra mini gamr

    J. W 10 months

    And it's kinda fun once you understand the point
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    iNfamos W 9 months

    Well OK I wondered because devs seem to focus
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    iNfamos W 9 months

    On NOT showing gameplay and misrepresenting their works 
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    iNfamos W 9 months

    Doesn't even matter the test server is down.