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SAT 10/21/2017 17:39
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    New Cinematic Trailer! Thoughts?

    Sep 28, 2017
    The Onmyoji CBT is underway and we'd love to hear your feedback! If you haven't tried it yet, what are you waiting for? 
    What are the thoughts on the game/cinematic thus far? Has there been any issues with the translations?

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    Jarvis T 19 days

    So we will lose everything once the game launch?? Yikes I should not play a lot and waste a lot of time lol 

    David W 19 days

    To me it depends on how much time or money it would cost to reach a 10 pull if it takes a week to reach 3x10 pull then maybe just 3x10 be good

    David W 19 days

    At least for the free players
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    Aaraso . 19 days

    I think it'll be okay if you link your account with Facebook or something like that. All I want to know is if we have to pay for the game once its officially launched

    David W 18 days

    A 100+ pulls no SSR got A lot of Sr but no SSR 
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    Christopher N 18 days

    You know, I am fine with the pull rate... but I have a simple suggestion with solid reasoning that I guarantee can garner support: 
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    Christopher N 18 days

    AP is cheap or easy to regrow, our time on the other hand is not.  Inside the Evo zone, there should either be a quick clear for completed stages or at least an auto repeat for them.
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    Christopher N 18 days

    I can restore my energy all day but danged if I want to spend two full days sitting there restarting combat after each round in order to merge mats and realize darn, I am still too short to evolve.
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    Viktor F 17 days

    Agreed. Rerunning same type of fight over and over again makes me quit games. 
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    Veronica A 17 days

    I'm now having trouble with the game cutting off while I'm playing!