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WED 11/22/2017 03:23
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Want to join Paradise?

Created by Devmen C on Nov 2, 2017

Greetings everyone I wanted to ask if anyone wanted to join the group I'll make when game releases. It will be called Paradise


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SILVER W 10 days

Save a spot in paradise for me not home right now

Dark L 10 days

Bye daybreak players
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Miso S 9 days

Idk why I'm leader now -,-
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Nisten H 9 days

i was wondering about that, looks like dev quit
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Senpai♤ P 9 days

I was gonna join when i hit 30 lol i was late to the launch im at 24 rn
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Nisten H 9 days

it was already full by the time I decided to join

Tabryne F 8 days

There are still players that can be kicked to make room.

Tabryne F 8 days

Last I looked there were people who hasn't played in a day and less than 9k power.
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Robert A 8 days

Is the discord for guild still up
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SILVER W 6 days

Dunno i quit it. No chance for free players to get in top 100. Good luck guys.