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WED 8/15/2018 06:01
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Gift code not work

Created by Roberto M on Nov 12, 2017

It say is incorrect code, I think that code is incorrect please check PLM. I try all the way to input the code and nothing. The grand prize code is on that function to me but gift code not work. 


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Baby C 9 months

Neither of mine worked. It said they both been used after I retried to input them but haven't received any thing

schuyler a 9 months

I got the hawk as part of the regular gift box but nothing else.  Tried to enter the mystery gift said it was already used
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Colin L 9 months

Both my codes don't work I have a grand prize and the pre register gift they both don't work it says they don't exist 

Gary B 9 months

Same here the pre reg worked but not mystery gift
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SILVER W 9 months

Preregister worked the mystery didnt
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thomas c 9 months

Mystery code was copied and pasted but says doesnt exist. Grand prize.

Joseph M 9 months

Mine didn't work either 
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Robert A 9 months

Neither of my codes work

schuyler a 9 months

My mystery gift showed up in my inbox about 2hrs after I claimed it. The ONE server they have available is unbelievably overloaded, your stuff will probably show up later
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Robert A 9 months

When put mine in it said they didn't exist