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WED 8/15/2018 06:05
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Gift Code Error Fixed!

Nov 14, 2017
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Hey guys, 
We have fixed the error of failing to receive gift that you input your gift code, you can re-input your code to get your gift now.
And if it still fails, please contact our user support email with you name of character and gift code.
User Support Email: daybreaklegends@gmail.com

And thank you for your likes to Daybreak Legends!

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J M G 9 months

Great ... Now where did they hide the place to type in the codes? I can't seem to find it 
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PLM S Official admin 9 months

Download the PLM app, click the pink gift icon, the gift codes will show at the bottom.
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SaȜeed R 9 months

fix the labgy server lol

Marcos S 9 months

 After long time waiting. game is not compatible with my galaxy tab S 2  seriously... 
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Zack K 9 months

I still can't receive my code.
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J M G 9 months

My code just errors even with adding the zero in front 
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Rodney C 9 months

Still cannot create account, had to download from apk pure because tablet not compatible. Samsung Galaxy tab sm-t700
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Rodney C 9 months

And no help or reply from support 

Happie Tambis 8 months

Gift code pls

James P 6 months

Curious what the gifts are.